Our Story...

If you haven't noticed, it's time for change and it starts with YOU.
It's time for us, as consumers, to start taking responsibility for the purchases we make and to only support brands which are taking the right steps to make positive change ethically, socially and environmentally.
Positive Two is proudly Australian made with all of our manufacturing done right here in Aus, as well as all of our screen printing done ourselves!
When buying from us, you can be sure that you will receive products created from the best quality materials and will be supporting ethical labour prices. As Australia has some of the most strict labour laws, you know that you are supporting an industry that looks after it's employees. By keeping everything local it gives us shorter turn around times, meaning we can act quickly to keep up with ever changing trends. But most of all, by supporting local manufacturing you are helping to keep jobs in Australia in an industry that is constantly sending them offshore. 
So be a legend, and buy Australian made.
Positive Two, Worn By Legends.